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Brett Eldredge says he owes Taylor Swift a debt of gratitude.  The country star has been an opener at select shows on Swift's "Red" tour this year.  He tells he's not only learned a lot from Taylor, but she's given him opportunities he'd never have had otherwise. 

Brett explains that Swift "deals with her crowd and connects with them" in a way he's never seen before, and she has them completely captivated.  He adds that Swift's endorsement has led thousands of her fans to give his songs a listen, and as a result his music is "starting to take off." 

Eldredge also says Taylor was "very cool" to him as her opener.  He explains that she did little things like write him a birthday card and talk with him before he went on the stage, and he'll "always thank her for that."  Brett will release his first album, "Bring You Back," next week.  The 12-song set features his debut single, 2010's "Raymond," as well as his current hit "Don't Ya." 

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