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Taylor Swift is showing off her latest look while supporting a friend. 

"USA Today" says the country-pop superstar walked the red carpet at Tuesday night's Hollywood premiere of "Romeo and Juliet."  The singer's friend Hailee Steinfeld stars in the film as Juliet. 

Taylor's new 'do is a little shorter, with her blonde locks curled under and falling just past her shoulders.  Her severe, eye-level blunt cut bangs are now shorter, softer, and wispy, and brushed off to the side. 

And Hailee was thrilled to see Taylor at the event.  The 16-year-old actress tells the paper they'd talked about Swift attending the gala, but she also realized Taylor just ended her tour a few days ago. Steinfeld says she'd been "wanting to show her the film for so long," and adds that it "means so much" to her that Taylor was there. 

Taylor reportedly sat with Hailee during the screening, and kicked off the thunderous applause that followed the film.  She also accompanied Hailee to the after-party.

"Romeo and Juliet" will open in theaters on October 11th. 

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