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Britney Spears has debuted her new single, "Perfume." 

Britney shared a link to the audio for "Perfume" on Sunday, and the single became available for download starting midnight.  It's the second cut off her upcoming Britney Jean album, revealing a more vulnerable side of the pop star than her previous "Work Bitch." 

In it, Britney croons about marking her man with the scent of her perfume out of fear that he is unfaithful to her.  The singer wrote on Twitter:

The track is her second shot at getting a boost on the Billboard charts.  "Work" peaked at number twelve on the Hot 100 and has been down since, even after her eye-catching music video.   

Britney Jean is out on December 3rd, and the star's two-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas kicks off later that month.