COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- In it's 129-year history, the Ohio Historical Society has only changed its name once. That happened in 1954, but it's about to happen again as the group re-brands itself as Ohio History Connection.

"The last time that our name was changed was 1954 moving from what had been the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society to the Ohio Historical Society," said executive director Burt Logan.

Logan says research found a disconnect with the name and what the organization is trying to do. Many people saw the organization as "too exclusive and antiquated," according to Logan.

"This is a move to bring the name into alignment with the services and programs that we've been providing for a number of years," Logan said.

The switch will happen on May 24. It will impact not only the main campus in Columbus, but also all 58 historical sites managed by the group. Brochures and other materials will be phased in with the new name a look overtime, but signs will be updated more quickly.

"This will give us the opportunity with the new name to go back and address signage that has been deficient for some time and we'll take advantage of that opportunity," Logan said.

Visitation to the state's 58 historical sites and museums has nearly doubled over the past couple of years and the Ohio History Center and Ohio Village in central Ohio rank second only to the Columbus Zoo in terms of visitors.

Logan also points out that the group has helped local communities throughout Ohio earn $2.85 billion in historical reinvestment.