COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- The number of people killed on Ohio roads over the Memorial Day holiday dropped from last year.

"2014 is looking even better than 2013 which was our safest year," said Sgt. Vincent Shirey with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

13 people were killed from Friday through Monday, down from 18 a year earlier. Shirey also pointed out that only three of the crashes involved impaired drivers and only three of the fatalities were people not wearing a seat belt. Those numbers were closer to half of the deadly crashes last year.

"Hopefully those hold up throughout the summer when looking forward to the 4th of July and the Labor Day as well. We want to keep those trends in the downward position," he said.

There were also more OVI arrests and seat belt violations.  757 people were arrested for driving impaired, an increase of 7 percent. Seat belt violations jumped 19 percent with nearly 7,300 citations written.

He says it's hard to say if those higher numbers are due to more people driving impaired or unbuckled or if having more troopers out is a factor. Two graduating classes at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy helped boost Trooper levels back to near maximum levels.

Shirey says the summer months are usually times when more deadly crashes happen. He says they'll continue to be out in force trying to prevent them.