COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- A coalition to address the quality of water in Ohio has been launched with the goal of protecting and enhancing the waters of the state.

The coalition first met last November, but is now being made public. One of their first orders of business is to conduct a poll to gather input to help guide their efforts. 1,000 Ohioans will be called in the survey.

Healthy Water Ohio is made up from groups that deal with conservation, business and industry, universities, water suppliers, and agriculture. Their focus will be developing a 20- to 30-year management strategy for Ohio's water sources. Findings and recommendations are expected in the summer of 2015.

Ohioans consume more than 11 billion gallons of water each day for personal and business use and enjoy more than 60,000 miles of rivers, streams and lake shoreline and more than 125,000 lakes, reservoirs and ponds. The economic impacts of business, tourism and other water uses is in the tens of billions of dollars. 

The group believes the state's water is at risk from a wide variety of sources, including increasing demands, new land uses, changing weather patterns and other social, environmental and political challenges.