CELINA, Ohio (WSPD) -- For nearly two hours Monday evening, police from Indiana and Ohio chased a man who allegedly damaged several vehicles in Decatur, Indiana with a tractor.

Dustin Clouse, 20, took off on his tractor, ramming an Adams County, Indiana Sheriff's cruiser as he headed east into Ohio. That's when Mercer County Sheriff's Deputies picked up on the chase.

"One of our deputies attempted to lay stop-sticks and when he did that the individual on the tractor swerved to try and hit him," said Mercer Co Sheriff's Capt. Martin Emerine.

The stop-sticks were able to blow out the front tires of the tractor, but couldn't penetrate the larger rear-wheels.

"You could actually see the spikes embedded in the tire," Emerine said.

The chase went down several county roads, reaching a top speed of 16 mph. It finally ended after the tractor had mechanical issues. Clouse, who has a history of mental illness, refused to get off the tractor so deputies had to use a taser. He was taken to a hospital as a precaution before being taken to jail.

Clouse has been charged with felony fleeing and eluding in Ohio, but Emerine says more charges could follow in both Ohio and Indiana.

Emerine says he's never seen a tractor pursuit in his 23-years working with the Mercer County Sheriff's Office.

"There are no normal pursuits, but it definitely wasn't normal," he said.