COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- Despite high unemployment in some parts of the state there is at least one industry that's struggling to find the workers it needs. Construction work is picking up, but the number of employees isn't keeping pace.

"I think the need is more dire probably in the northeast and east part of the state where the same workforce not only is doing heavy highway construction work but also shale and oil and gas work," said Chris Runyan, president of the Ohio Contractors Association.

Many construction jobs require an apprenticeship through a Union. Runyan would like to see more workforce development programs at technical schools and a push for high school students to consider working in the industry.

"You can provide an excellent living, a great standard of living for your family, earn good money with great benefits," Runyan said.

He believes that there is awareness about the issue, but worries enough isn't being done to address the problem over the next decade or so.

"I probably have more concern than hope to be honest with you," he said.