COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- With thousands of unaccompanied children streaming into Texas from Latin America, Sen. Rob Portman says the country has to do something.

"The President has asked for some money to help with regard to the immediate needs of these children. I support that. I think we've got to respond in a compassionate way to these kids," Portman said.

While he may back a proposal to spend $3.7 billion on the border crisis, he does so with a single caveat. He wants President Barack Obama to make it clear that if you come here illegally you will be sent back home.

"Until we do that and make that clear I'm afraid this humanitarian crisis continues and we won't stem the flow."

Portman says his opposition to allowing these illegal immigrants to just come into the country shouldn't be seen as opposition to legal immigration.

"We will continue to be a very generous country on legal immigration, and we should be. It's part of the fabric of our country. It's really important for the continued prosperity of America," he said.

Portman said he urged President Obama to go to the border to see the problem for himself during a recent trip to Texas. Obama visited Dallas and Austin, but avoided the border saying he wasn't interested in a photo opportunity. However, Obama said he's been briefed on the situation and continues to monitor it.

Part of Obama's $3.7 billion proposal includes adding more border patrol officers and security.