As the Saints prepared to pare their roster, Coach Sean Payton fielded questions about the process.

* What is it like for those guys that are on the bubble?

“I’m sure it varies. I’m sure it’s difficult. Just that wanting to know and look, there’s a lot invested by every one of those guys, a lot of work and a lot’s gone into putting themselves in a position to make a team and stick.  Just that alone and you know there’s not a finality if you will of it, a lot of these players will have opportunities, practice squad and with other teams.  We always talk, from the very beginning, when you’re playing you’re putting your product out there, not only for the team you’re on, but for the 31 other teams.  Our scouts are paying close attention to the other teams just as I’m sure they are.  This is always a difficult time."

* You talk a lot about how it is not just about them playing for your team and how it is about 31 other teams as well.

“It’s a big picture and I will give you an example.  It can be very easy just to focus on the depth chart in your position room and as you are doing that the team might be looking at other players in that position on other teams that might be, so it is bigger than just a depth chart on your own team.”

* When we talk to the guys they have a singular focus of playing here.

“Absolutely, and I think it’s your resume and I think every one of those guys want to make an impression.  And certainly with the amount of time they have on what we are doing, this is a program that they want to play for and we understand that. But every year, at times, a player all of a sudden finds himself with another team and the other team saw something that they liked on tape.  That’s the business side of it.”

* In this process, how much input do position coaches have when they’re really fighting for a guy in their group?

“I think when we meet, which is pretty much on a daily basis, often times we will discuss how the positions are going, how the players are playing. Occasionally there might be a strong sentiment for one player. Hopefully that’s taking place throughout the week and we’re able to then, no different than last night, get certain players another 40 or more snaps to help us answer a question…if that makes sense. So they’re part of the process, and yet just one part.”