The owner of the West Virginia resort which hosted the Saints' training camp this summer says the experience was a win-win for both the team and for the community of White Sulphur Springs.

Jim Justice with the Greenbrier says there's no question the economic impact on the local community was substantial. He says training camp practices attracted thousands of people who spent money in the area.

Justice tells 99.5 WRNO building the training camp facilities was a daunting task, but he wanted it to be the best NFL training camp of all time, and he hopes the Saints achieved a lot from the experience.

"Maybe this cool weather for these three weeks here will be beneficial, but that's what we want, we want a winner. Maybe this can be just a little, teeny grain of sand or a little stepping stone to propel them on to a level of greatness that we all want to see them achieve, and that's win the Super Bowl," Justice said.